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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 12, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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today from aruba the prosecutor told 9news why he wants the house searched. >> as it looks at this moment they have a longer relation than just two days in aruba. and if that is the case, there might be indications or information vital to the vegs in that home. >> reporter: stein is asking the police to look into the allegations. >> it may paint a color, the figure of mr. g., but whether or not it will be relevant for the investigation, i cannot tell at the moment. >> reporter: according to the warrant application from may of 2010 investigators had seen a video recorded in giordano's home of his assaulting and choking one sex partner. he was arrested in may 2010 but the case was dropped. one woman that was a victim tells 9news she has already
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been interviewed by the fbi. >> reporter: that woman who does not want to be identified has told us she is so terrified of giordano she moved out of the state to escape the harassing and intimidation. we know from friends of robin's gardener's that she exchanged some uncomfortable texts with giordano but she decided to go to aruba anyway. scott broom, 9news now. >> thank you. >> meantime down in aruba the investigation on all of this is very much alive as investigators try to build their case against giordano. martin savage continues our coverage from down there. >> reporter: investigators are pinning high hopes that they may gather evidence from the rental car they were using. a white toyota rav4. they finished the processing the car and didn't find
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anything. here is the reason why. the vehicle had been cleaned by the rental car company. the likelihood of finding forensic evidence after that is pretty low. authorities say they couldn't get the authority sooner because they couldn't legally impound the vehicle until they had detained gary giordano. the car had already been cleaned when they got to it. they want to talk to the cleaner of that vehicle and see if they found anything unusual during the cleaning process. meanwhile, the investigation continues. their focusing also on closed- circuit television cameras. this island has a lot of them as is common in many european destinations. the hotel, many public places. they are gathering them, reviewing them and they are boiling them down, trying to see if they can follow the couple, trying to see if they can follow the whereabouts of gary giordano and see if there is anything there that can give them a hint as to what may have happened. they have to worry about the clock ticking down for investigators here because coming on monday, that is when gary giordano will go before a judge and that judge is going
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to determine if there is enough evidence in this case so far to continue to warrant him being detained. it is quite possible that come monday he could be set free and allowed to leave the country and head back to the united states. it could be possible they detain him longer or, the third option, it could be that they decide to let him out of jail but maintain that he cannot leave the country. that determination will be made on monday. derek? >> all right, thank you. some of the women allegedly involved with giordano say they met him on a popular dating web side. several of them have accused him of violence. coming up at 5:30 we talk to a dating expert who has important advice of how to protect yourself from potential online issues. a fight at a gas station ends in death for one man and sends another to the hospital. >> sky9 flew over the scene.
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this is the 9800 block in clinton. an off-duty federal police officer saw two men fighting when one of the men pulled out a handgun. the officer identified himself as the police. apparently the armed man turned toward the officer and that officer then opened fire. the man that was shot died at the hospital. there is no word on the other man's condition. two women are dead following a fiery crash this morning in southeast d.c. and now police need your help to figure out what went wrong. delia gonclaves is live offer of southern avenue where the wreck happened. delia? >> reporter: we know that several people in this area witnessed that crash this morning. and police are hoping that they will come forward because their information could determine if detectives believe there is a second car and a driver out there. it was 4:30:00 a.m. on the 1300 block of southern avenue across from united medical center.
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>> i saw two cars zooming down. >> two cars, a black car and grey car, they were racing down this way. >> reporter: witnesses spot a fiery crash unfold before their very eyes. >> they were going so fast and i see this flame shooting out of the one of the cars and next thing i know i see this impact. >> i heard someone screaming they are in the car. >> reporter: firefighters extinguished the blaze and worked to remove two women from the car. they are fixing two poles that were knocked down. and they are looking at tire tracks to see what happened. >> speed was definitely a factor. >> reporter: with mercedes with maryland tags unrecognizable. both women inside dead on the scene. as traffic continues to drive past pieces of that mangled car police call on witnesses to come forward to find out if street racing led to the crash
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that killed both of these women. victims who died outside the hospital never had a chance to make it in. and at this hour police are still not releasing identities of those two women involved in the crash but they are urging any witnesses to come forward, give them a call immediately. lesli, derek. >> delia, thank you for that. also in prince george's county, they are investigating a different fiery accident. this one in forestville. an suv caught fire on the beltway near pennsylvania avenue shortly after midnight. the driver there escaped the flames, was not harmed and no one else was hurt. the fire department was called in when that suv started smoking again. investigators are still trying to determine what caused that fire. >> well, a couple from brunswick maryland will not sever any jail time despite pleading guilty to 33 counts of animal abuse. they were arrested back in may
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when animal control found 95 dogs and seven birds in their house. prosecutors originally charged the set with 98 counts of abuse but later on 65 of those charges were dropped. the frederick county animal shelter is trying to find homes for those dogs. casey anthony whereabouts are still a mystery but tonight we know where she will be in two weeks. a florida judge says anthony must return to the sunshine state to serve a year's probation for check fraud. she pleaded guilty in that case in january of 2010. of course, she remains public enemy number 1 to many people who believe she got away with the murder of her daughte caylee. she must report to her probation officer every month under terms of her probation order. a female slasher in fairfax county. police set up a task force now to help track down the man they say cuts the backsides of nine women who were just out shopping. this is surveillance video from some of the assaults. they began back in february and
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police think he uses a box cutter or maybe a razor blade to cut women. anybody who has got information on this is asked to give the police a call. >> all right. it is here. in less than two two and a half hours the redskins will kick off the season. >> hosting the pittsburgh steelers. brett haber is joining us from the field to get us ready for some football. brett. >> reporter: you have been waiting for a long time for this, derek. many people thought this might not happen. rewind your mental clock a couple months into the heart of the lockout. we thought we might miss the entire preseason and maybe even part of the regular season as well but that did not happen and here we are on the first game day. the question now is what kind of football are we going to get tonight? remember the players normally have a full spring and summer of off-season workouts and otas to learn the playbook and develop some chemistry with their teammates but this year that whole thing got wiped out. 13 days of camp is all they had
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and with the dozens of new faces this year, tonight could be, how should we say, interesting? >> i think you understand that mistakes will happen. that's just part of the process. but you also have to get ready for the first game. >> we have made a lot of progress coming into training camp where we missed otas and mini camps so you have a lot to make up in a short amount of time especially for the younger players and we will have to rely on them a lot. >> we have to get into a rhythm. we haven't played with each other. you know. so, i mean -- but every single team is going through that. >> reporter: as for the quarterback situation rex grossman will start tonight. still not clear whether or not john beck will play. rumors are that he won't. beck himself said that he planned to when we spoke to him on wednesday and virginia native tim hitower will start as running back. more on his story coming up at 6 p.m. i'm brett haber live at fedex
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field. >> will mother nature cooperate? topper shutt is on the weather terrace. >> it will cooperate. no doubt about that. humidity still in tact. partly cloudy. will go into the night after the sunset. 78 to 84 the temps. light winds. sun side it will be a little hot for a while. keep that in mind. but humidity is great. temperatures are upper 80s but still it doesn't feel that bad. 89 downtown. 88 in manassas. 84 in leesburg. 90 up in frederick and low 80s in hagerstown, middle 80s in martinsburg. right now 60/40 for the weekend. will explain what that means. we will check out the tropics. they are heating up. >> we know what the weather is doing right now. what's the game day drive time going to be? monika samtani with more. >> i checked out arena drive. if you're traveling on the beltway at route 202 or central avenue everything looking good.
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where it doesn't is right here on 395 southbound at duke street an accident here blocking the three left lanes for a while. in fact, i saw emergency crews trying to transport a patient from the scene as well. so in the meantime, take a look at the delays on the southbound side of i-395 where we have got the traffic really at a standstill. if you can see this coming down from the 14th street bridge at least all the way down toward duke street. by the way, 95 is not much better from the beltway down to triangle. here is what it looks like just off the v.w. parkway. accident activity was just moved off the shoulder but they were blocking the left lane on the v.w. parkway for a long time as well. expect delays there as well this evening. back to you, guys. >> thank you, monika samtani. t.s.a. scanners are gone at one local airport. new scanners are there. are they getting the job done? i'm at falls church where authorities say they busted an
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illegal gambling separation run by a violent vietnamese gang. first, police in london continue the crackdown after the riots. we will tell you how officers plan to keep the peace. when we come back.
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police in london raided more homes this morning in the search for suspects after this
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week's riots. so far they arrested more than 1200 people and officials are also flooding the streets trying to make sure those riots don't start up again. 16,000 officers, almost 14,000 more than usual will be out there on duty trying to keep the peace. >> unequivocal we will try every resource bringing those to justice who committed these horrible offenses on monday. >> you may want to keep in mind five people died during these riots. it all started last week after police shot and killed a man but refused to give the details of exactly what happened. a falls church shopping center known as a hub of vietnamese culture was the hub of an illegal gambling operation run been an asian gang. here is the report. >> reporter: police raided a shopping mall after a 10-month
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investigation. >> stabbing, shootings. we know firsthand there is extortion. >> reporter: detectives say a gang known as the dragon family set up operations in the mall which is patronized by the vietnam community. >> my wife is vietnamese and her aunt worked in one of the shops when she immigrated here and they were taking advantage of her. it was kind of a switch out type deal. >> reporter: officials say they confiscated $1 million in cash and $200,000 worth of illegally-rigged video machines set up so customers could play black jack and poker. >> they had a money slot where you could insert money off to the side. >> reporter: one gambler lost $100,000 and complained to police touching off the investigation. this is one of the businesses at the eden center shopping center where gang unit investigators delivered search warrants yesterday. they say a total of 13 businesses had similar search warrants delivered, property and money seized. officials say they have arrested 19 people and charged
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them with multiple misdemeanors but felony charges against them are also pending. >> i don't speak vietnamese. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: customers were surprised to learn the darker side of the mall known for providing a great taste of vietnamese food and culture. in falls church, 9news now. >> police expect more arrests and more seizures as part of this ongoing investigation. crews from west virginia are now out on the front line helping to battle the great dismal swamp wildfire. the week-old fire has already consumed 5700 acres in southern virginia and north carolina. people living in southern maryland can actually smell the smoke and winds this weekend could blow the smoke as far north as fredricksburg. what makes fighting the fire so difficult is what the firefighters cannot see. >> not only have we got to deal with the stuff above ground but in the swamps, we have to be able to deal with stuff below the ground. the stuff below the ground at this point is one of the major contributors to the smoke.
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>> wow. a 10-foot layer of did he -- organic debris is affecting the fire. >> people asked us about that earlier in the week. >> the wind shifted and some could get to southern maryland. >> whatever is going on is nod got. >> tropics on fire too. no named stoppers just yet. a tropical depression just north of bermuda off the southeast coast. it will move away from shore but we have got them kind of lined up. one, two, three. we will watch these over the weekend. time to go to our website and download our nine hurricane trackers because i think one of these will become a named storm if not over the weekend by early next week. so check it out.
5:18 pm this is the one most promising. the good news is shouldn't they shouldn't make landfall. feels great. humidity still in the low 30% range. 87 springfield. 89 rockville. 86 out toward leightonsville. here is the deal. saturday better than sunday. comfortable again tonight. saturday morning great. you have an early tee time booked. you're in like flint. if you had a late tee time worked. afternoon showers will develop. and wet most of sunday. hard to get around to golf on sunday. do all your gardening and all your biking saturday morning. tonight, partly cloudy, still comfortable. low temps in the 60s. winds southeasterly 5 to 10. very comfortable. 69 arlington, springfield, downtown. low 60s in rockville, gaithersburg. 63 college park. 62 bowie. prett nice. mid-60s in waldorf.
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reston and fairfax low 60s. 60s leesburg and middleburg and manassas. tomorrow morning partly cloudy and pleasant. 60s and 70s to start. winds southeast at 10. air quality code yellow which isn't really that bad. by afternoon partly cloudy and warm. showers and thunderstorms developing from west to east. a thunderstorm in leesburg before you will in annapolis. high temps upper 80s and winds out of the south at about 10. zone forecasts. we will keep it in the mid-70s in oakland storms right around lunchtime. hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. upper 80s in culpeper. more of a day working your way eastward towards leesburg, warrenton, manassas. downtown mid-80s. upper 80s in gaithersburg. 86 in frederick. 86 for annapolis. boaters will
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be off the water by late in the evening. very nice morning. 80, 85 by lunchtime. 84, 88 with thunderstorms beginning to develop in the metro area. next three days. sunday we just got covered up with showers and storms. it could be on and off all day. low 80s because of that. mid-80s on monday. showers and storms still kind of lingering. that's the 60/40. 60 is the bad stuff, 40 is the good stuff on the back end. upper 80s tuesday and wednesday. not bad in terms of humidity then we are back in the mid- 80s with more storms on thursday. and upper 80s with a few storms next friday. so i resisted putting 90 on there just to keep it in there. >> we like that. that works. >> stormy weather. >> coming up on 9news now. are you or someone you know struggling to find week? some cheap and easy resume makeovers to try to get you in
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a job next.
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modest gains on wall street to end up the week. dow jones industrial average up
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125 points closing at 11,269, nasdaq finished today 15 points higher and s&p 500 was up six points. we kick things off with a recall for you tonight. phillips lighting company has recalled more than 1.8 million of its energy saver marathon compat dimmable reflector lamps. the glass globe detaches from the body of the lamp which can then cause injury to you and your property. the cfl lamps were sold nationwide from march of 2007 through july of 2011. you can go to our website to find out how to receive a free replacement. laid off workers have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of jobs and many of them just don't have the money to go back to school or train for another career. but tonight we have got some free resume makeovers that may just help you clench that next interview. >> reporter: the job market is looking up but only slightly and even with improvement in
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july, almost 14 million americans are still unemployed. health care, retailer, manufacturerring led the way this terms of job growth last month. if you're not trained in any of these fields but are curious, career experts say highlight skills like leadership, management and communication on your resume. they are an integral part of any field and don't get hung up on keeping your resume in chronological order. those odd jobs you've worked to pay the bills during your hunt, well, they have a place but not necessaryly at the top. >> what you can do is actually have below your relevant experience on your resume you can have additional experience. just list what you have been working on even though it is not relevant to the position that you're applying for. >> reporter: gain an extra edge by researching about the company before you walk in the door. >> you want to go in there asking good questions. come in with ideas. it is really a way to set yourself apart from the other candidates and also just
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increase your own confidence level. >> career counseling experts say if you're looking for work don't tell people you are unemployed and looking for a job you want to tell them that you're looking for a great new opportunity. see, change it up a little. if you filled up on west patrick street at the get-go gas station a good chance you didn't get what you paid for. you see, those pumps may have said unleaded but they were actually dispensing diesel. at least 20 people have reported vehicle problems. if you have got one, report it to get-go, they will cover the gas purchase and pay for repairs. derek? coming up at 5:30. >> protecting yourself from predators in the online dating world. an expert offers important advice coming up.
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gary giordano is being scrutinized in the presumed death of robin gardener. other women have stepped forward saying he was violent with them and videotaped their sexual encounters. they met him on a popular dating service everyone has heard of. it is called andrea mccarren is joining me now talking to a dating expert. how do you protect yourself
5:30 pm
from any weirdoes you may meet on websites. >> issued a statement to us earlier this afternoon saying allegations like this between individuals who met on are extremely rare but nonetheless she described if as a horrifying case. the online dating site also asks its members to report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior. >> reporter: the online dating world is no longer dark or mysterious. >> in 2011 if you're not dating online you're really kind of a dating dinosaur. >> reporter: it is wildly popular and so are websites warning others of alleged bad dates and suspected profile presented tors like and don' dating and relationship coach michele khakobi advises online daters to tell a friend the name and person of friend you are meeting. >> you can say if you don't
5:31 pm
hear from my by midnight this is where i am and this is who i'm out with so there is someone keeping tabs on your whereabouts. >> reporter: you can also check websites on to find out in advance if a potential date has a violent history or criminal record. >> for a small fee of under $100 you can do unlimited searches for a year and you don't need consent of the person. you can really search anyone and find out information about that person. >> reporter: also recommended setting up a free google voice account providing a phone number that can be used just for dating. >> you can give that number out when you're dating so that nobody knows you're real cell phone number. if that person starts to be bothersome you can just block their calls. >> reporter: and she also recommends setting up an e-mail account that does not include your name or any kind of personal information about where you work just to be safe. keep the personal information out of it. >> is not passive. they have a little bit of information on how to keep yourself safe as well.
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>> they do. most of it is common sense. when you meet somebody you met on one of these sites meet in a public place, drive yourself to and from that location. tell a friend. stay sober. yes. and also, don't leave any kind of personal information. personal items. maybe a cell phone. maybe a laptop. don't leave them unattended. >> sounds like it is saying you don't know these people. just because you exchanged some e-mails, maybe had a conversation you don't know this guy. >> and just because they say they are something and show a picture does not mean they are who they say they are. >> there you go. thank you. appreciate it, andre a. republicans running for the white house are fighting hard for every vote they can find ahead of tomorrow's straw vote in iowa. it is a key test vote that can show the strength of a campaign. the candidates from minnesota former governor tim polety and michele bachman are trying to stand out from the pack. the two took aim at each other
5:33 pm
at last night's debate on fox news channel. >> she led the effort against tarp, we got tarp. if that's your view of effective leadership with results, please stop because you're killing us. >> you said that the era of small government was over. that sounds a lot more like barack obama if you ask me. >> right now mitt romney is the front leader heading into tomorrow's poll and his biggest challenger could be texas governor rick perry. perry will announce he is running on saturday. it is a day of mourning in virginia for the 30 u.s. servicemen who died in saturday's helicopter crash in afghanistan. governor bob mcdonell ordered all state flags to fly at half- staff from dawn this morning until dusk tonight. virginia also has a way for people to donate to military organizations. the navy s.e.a.l.s. you will donate $10 to families affected by last week's crash.
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bracing for a body scan boycott over thanksgiving weekend last year. remember that? the t.s.a. saying they have solve the problem. kristin fisher is revealing a less invasive body scan. >> reporter: walking into an airport body scan used to mean an t.s.a. agent would get an eyeful of your under wear. a strip search. leading to a near body scan boycott last november. >> if you recall last thanksgiving there was almost a passenger revolt around the country over this issue of going through these screeners. and the reason was, of it the privacy issue. it would give an outline of your body. >> reporter: not any more at v.w.i. t.s.a. made a software update to all of the airport's body scan machines. the biggest difference about these new screeners is t.s.a. agents will no longer see an image of your actual body. all that they will see is this generic outline. >> what we have is a generic
5:35 pm
outline of the human body. the same for all of our passengers and the passengers can see the same thing that our officers see. so in addition to enhancing privacy, it also provides for a better openness and communication between our officers and the traveling public. >> reporter: the way it works, the scan is the same, but afterwards you'll either get the all clear or a yellow icon will appear over a suspicious spot. >> i'm just going to pat that area down. >> reporter: vwi is one of the first airports in the country to get the software upgrade but it is being rolled out nationwide at 40 different airports. >> it meets the same security standards as our machines without the upgrade. >> you have a nice day. >> reporter: kristin fisher, at vwi, wusa 9 news. >> the t.s.a. does say that software should be updated at all airports by sometime this fall. >> all right. time to check the evening rush or is it a crush tonight, monika samtani? >> i think it is a crush,
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lesli. you're right absolutelyly. yellow light. lots to tell you starting off with 395 and a live look. lanes are open. damage is done. delays began all the way at the 14th street bridge heading southbound on 395. then a map. 95 slow down from beltway to triangle. at least the lanes are open. beltway. if you're planning to head to the redskins game tonight, the inner loop is slow from river road all the way around to route 50. about a one-hour drive. then let's take a look at arena drive heading into the stadium. everything looks fine heading into the stadium or route 202 as well. >> everybody is stuck trying to get there. up next, a movie script that ends with a bang. but not the way you might think. we will explain. coming up new at 6 p.m. home mortgage interest rates once again at or near record lows. sparking a minuteny refinancing
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boom. i'm bruce leshan. the story coming up. don't forget we are always on at stay with us. we will be right back. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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. 9news now is sponsored in
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part by... have you heard about the script that was a total bomb? no, really. a man trying to sell his screen play suffered the ultimate rejection. the bomb squad blew it up. >> how do you pick yourself up at that? the man has been trying to get him to read the screenplay for some time so when he visited the office again yesterday he left behind the briefcase with a computer inside urging the agent to read what was inside. let's just say the agent didn't like that. >> i felt like it is too heavy. i took it down the elevator here and put it in the alley between here and rodeo drive. >> and that's when the bomb squad came and shut down several blocks of beverly hills. as it turned out there was no bomb, just a screenplay and laptop. >> what used to be a screenplay. less than two hours until
5:41 pm
the redskins preseason gets started. our brett haber at fedex. >> how is this for trial by fire? they haven't had a sniff of live football in eight months. they are going to play their first game against the steelers and all they have done is made the super bowl in three of the last eight years. we will tell you whose jobs are up for grabs this preseason? >> great evening for football, no doubt about that. break on the humidity. grass jumping up. weedside and molds in the medium range. we will come back and talk about the weekend. it is 60/40. but first, a camp where playing where your food is encouraged. it is explained in this week's cool school report.
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5:44 pm
learning life lessons in the kitchen. students from all over the d.c. metro are finding the ingredients for a healthy future in a program called classy kids cook. >> that's right.
5:45 pm
in this special summer edition of cool schools report mike is making sure to keep his elbows off the table. >> hi, come on in. >> put it on your hand like playdoee playdough. switch it, pound it, pound it. >> it is kind of rough. >> reporter: you're looking at the beginning of fettucinni alfredo. >> i do like pasta. >> how do you like it best? >> i just like it plain. >> reporter: classic kids cook. a summer camp and after school program where measuring ingredients is just the beginning. >> okay, what does it say over here? >> tablespoon. >> we need one tablespoon. >> reporter: spending two decades in the financial service industry and then decided to give it all up to follow her dream. out of this garden-level condo
5:46 pm
in d.c. she teaches kids life skills through her love of cooking. >> they practice math, right. they are measuring. they learn to cook which is a life skill. they learn generosity because typically when somebody is cooking they are cooking for other people. >> reporter: they also learn night skills, hosting duties and the proper way to set a table. >> all right. so that's a spoon. what's next? the knife. >> reporter: anya is 5 and 3/4s and she has it done. >> when you turn it upside down, you're asking for? >> milk. >> reporter: according to the f.d.a. when kids learn how to cook they make healthier eating choices later in life. a registered dietitian says -- >> they tend to eat a more variety of foods so they choose to try healthy foods that they may not have tried. >> can i do it? >> in the longer term if you look how to cook then i think that makes a positive impact on your diet. >> reporter: it seems to be
5:47 pm
working. >> i knew how to cook before i came here was scrambled eggs. that's all. >> reporter: now she says her new knowledge makes her think of becoming a chef some day. and what's really cool, classic kids cook are being featured on a program on healthy eating and with pupils like anya, it is sure to be a hit. >> great chefs in the making for sure. to get more information on the classic kids cook program or on the f.d.a.'s effort to get kids to eat healthy go to our website and we will provide you with the link. back to school shopping will be a little lighter on the wallet next week, at least for folks in maryland. that is because the state kicks off its tax-free holiday. this runs from this sunday august the 14th until saturday, august the 20th and during that time you will not have to pay the state 6% sales tax on clothes, shoes and
5:48 pm
school supplies. there is a catch. the clothes and shoes have to be less than $100 and supplies $20 and will you not get the sales tax break for accessories, whatever those are. the montgomery fair is under way and it kicked off 3 p.m. this afternoon in gaithersburg in the fairgrounds. beautiful weather. i know they are thanking you, topper. everything from a carnival to an agricultural display to a monster truck show and of course a demolition derby. $10 will get you in. kids 11 and under are free. >> do they have like the iowa fair the fried butter? >> i don't know. >> or fried snickers. >> the whole fried butter thing. >> amazing. >> on a stick. >> spread the butter. >> grease. they fry it in grease. >> we do some crazy things. >> that's a whole different level. >> i tell you what, derek, they are loving it today and they will love the first part of
5:49 pm
tomorrow in the fairgrounds but we get into the deep part of the weekend showers and stoppers will roll in. let's start with temperatures. right now very comfortable still. 89 at national. dew points are still in the low 50s which means relative humidity 28, 29%. again, should have a good hair day today. 90 in rockville. 84 in gaithersburg. and we are looking at 86 out toward leightonsville. so here's the deal. saturday better than sunday. no doubt about that. comfortable again tonight. saturday morning, great. afternoon showers will develop though late saturday. and then on sunday we are wet most of the day. on and off. so it is a day where we won't see showers just confined to the afternoon. cube there in the morning and a respite and more in the afternoon. comfortable tonight. lows in the 60s. winds turn southeasterly at 5 to 10. maybe not quite as cool as it was last night but who is
5:50 pm
complaining? 60s across the board. 69 arlington. springfield. 61 in rockville. 60 in gaithersburg. low 60s in college park and bowie. mid-60s for our friends in waldorf. low 60s in reston and fairfax. and sterling. and right around 60 for leesburg and for middleburg and manassas. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and pleasant. temperatures in the 60s and 70s to start. winds out of the southeast 10. air quality moderate. not bad. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warm. but showers and thunderstorms developing. folks to the west will see storms first. high temperatures in the upper 80s and winds out of the south at about 10. zone forecast. 75 in oakland. low 80s in cumberland. mid-80s down towards warrenton and leesburg. storms in leesburg before they get downtown and storms downtown before they get to annapolis. 86 in annapolis. no winds to speak of. and no small craft advisory for the tidal potomac. however, you've got thunderstorms to worry about. boaters keep that in mind late saturday and sunday. next seven days. there is the washout on sunday.
5:51 pm
83. a lot of storms still on monday. we are in the mid-80s. great on tuesday and wednesday. temperatures go back into the upper 80s. humidity remains in check. and then we are looking at temperatures in the mid-80s with some more storms on thursday. and upper 80s on friday. got a blog on there, an article in the paper talking about how august is getting dryer. august has always been dry. go to our website, check it out. >> all right. >> i'm sure they appreciate the correction. >> i'm sure they do. >> topper has done his part to make the weather cooperate. let's go back out to fedex field where redskins are getting ready for their first preseason game. >> brett, for some player, it is actually a big deal for these guys. >> yes, i mean, i guess for some guys it is if you're a starting player whose job it is. the starting job is anything but secure. >> because of the lack of off- season workouts and short preseason these exhibition games are even more important than usual in determining the makeup of this team. here's a quick look at the jobs
5:52 pm
up for grabs there has been a lot of talk about the redskins quarterback competition. rex grossman versus john beck but plenty of other battles brewing on offense. santana moss pencilled in as the number 1 receiver but clamoring behind him are anthony armstrong who finished second on the team last season. the rookies. the guys say the more the merrier. >> pushes everybody to play their best and be at their best. when that competition comes, comes great results. >> the main thing is really focusing in on this playbook and trying to get a good grasp of it to make sure that i'm in tune with everything. >> reporter: others still trying to get acclamated. new comer tim hightower both competing for the starting game. they want to earn it with their
5:53 pm
play. not by default. >> i've got to find my role into this team and we have got to find out how to come together. how quickly we can come together. to me i'm just not learning the plays and i feel a lot more comfortable. >> reporter: one defensive job that remains undecided, who will play inside linebacker opposite london fletcher? last year's starter rocky mcin toesh? one thing's for sure they will leave it all out on the field. >> all i can do is control what i'm capable of doing and then the numbers lie where they lie. that's up to the coaches to decide. i will make it hard on them. make it hard for them to touch it. now this may be the first game -- or this is the first game, so maybe a little ugly out there on the field. >> yes, turnovers and poor tactics we expect to be the watch words of the evening after such a short training camp leading up to this preseason opener. much more coming up at 6 p.m. including the virginia native who will start at runningback for the redskins tonight. for now live at fedex field. we will dance to the stadium
5:54 pm
music a little more off camera and send it back to you. >> it is so loud out there you may as well do something out there. we will see you soon. when cancer strikes a child certainly affects the entire family including brothers and sisters. up next on 9news now. a program at n.i.h. helping those siblings better understand what their brother or sister is going through. 
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when a child in a family suffers a life threatening accident or illness, what happens to the others in that family? it is not always an easy road being the healthy sibling. anita brikman explores the program held each year at the national institute of health that recognizes kids who can sometimes feel overlooked. >> reporter: this summer a lively group of youngsters wear gloves and go through the massive clinical center of n.i.h. they are siblings of kids getting cutting edge health care here. what it feels inside an m.r.i. machine. and finally they visit what can be one of the most imposing places of all. the operating room. >> see what it would be like to dig down into the body cavity. >> reporter: seeing the procedures their sick brothers and sisters face. >> i learned a lot what carley
5:58 pm
has to go through all the time. >> reporter: carley has a life threatening immune system disorder that was first identified at n.i.h. her family has been traveling from indiana for years and staying at the children's inn. >> finding a place like n.i.h. and getting here gives you hope. >> reporter: but so much of the family's efforts center on making a sick child well, the healthy sibs may feel unable to share their anxiety and struggle. >> diagnosed with something life threatening or chronic, every family member is affected. >> reporter: she tells parents to let the school know what's happening and ask neighbors or friends to help make sure the healthy siblings don't miss important events while parents are at the hospital. >> and perhaps most important of all is to ask the healthy child how are you doing? >> reporter: and that's why there is no doubt these super sibs deserve a day that's all
5:59 pm
their own. in bethesda, i'm anita brikman, 9news now. >> lori told anita new technology like skype has changed the way the hospital helps the families. it gives the healthy siblings a way to still visit with their family while they are so far away from home. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5 p.m. 9news now at 6 p.m. starts right now. >> reporter: this is 9news now. thank goodness, the wild week on wall street is over. the dow rising and falling by more than 400 points monday, tuesday and yesterday and today the dow finished with a gain of more than 125 points which means the dow lost 1.5% during this roller coaster week. but all the turmoil in the stock market has only helped to drive down interest rates for home mortgages. 15-year mortgages are at a record low. 30-year fix rate mortgages are near a record low and bruce leshan tells us


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